Hibiscus Tacos (Tacos de jamaica)

These vegan hibiscus tacos are going to blow your mind! Very colorful recipe to share with your loved ones. Vegan mexican tacos can also be tasty and simple


35 min





Hibiscus Tacos (Tacos de jamaica)

To serve:

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To be vegan you don’t have to forget delicious tacos and, if you are Mexican imagining life without tacos in the afternoon, midday or night can be the worst. But don’t worry, Today I have the solution for that whim with these perfect hibiscus tacos.

These hibiscus tacos have many advantages; the first one is that you can reuse hibiscus flowers after making hibiscus water, the second one is that you can bring your tacos on family reunions with tacos (as Mexican we have these reunions all time) and the third reason is that is always an option on our list: vegan tacos.

Like every good taco, you can add your favorite spicy sauce, avocado, and lemon if you want. Also, you can add grilled green onions, but I repeat, this is optional. If we start making taco’s variations or vegan tacos options we can extend us on possibilities.

One essential point for good tacos is tortillas. In Mexico, you can find tortillas everywhere, because it is part of our diet and culture, so, you have to make all your efforts to find the best tortillas.

For the preparation of hibiscus tacos, we don’t need a lot of ingredients; the hardest part is at the beginning.

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