Aztec soup (Tortilla soup)

Traditional Mexican Aztec soup, also known as tortilla soup in its vegan version accompanied by tofu and vegetable broth.


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Aztec soup (Tortilla soup)


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In our recipe of today “Aztec Soup” what I can tell you about it, is that this is a very attributed dish of Tlaxcala, (this place is very near to the Mexican capital) which name has his origin in the native Nahuatl language, which means instead of cornbread or tortilla. The soup is also known as “tortilla soup” as with every dish every region has their own version, and we will show you ours.

In our vegan adaption, I’ve done two changes that one of the traditional recipes asks. I changed the chicken broth for vegetable broth, either way, I didn’t use the panela cheese (which Is an animal product) so decide it change it for firm tofu, and honestly, the result was amazing. I agree which whom say that vegan food it’s not only eating lettuce and tomato, this dish I can assure you is the living proof of it.

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