Beetroot vegan burger

These vegan beetroot burgers are a simple way to make vegan burgers. They are always good with french fries or onion rings. There are no excuses for being a happy vegan with this recipe.


45 min





Beetroot vegan burger

I used traditional ingredients for beetroot burgers recipe: catsup, mustard, tomato, onions, and lettuce. This vegan burger is perfect with vegan onion rings.

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Ready to be

Beetroot is a versatile food. You can make juices, beet leaves are perfect for salads, and also you can make burgers with it. YES! Vegan burgers. This beetroot burger recipe that I share is one of my aces up your sleeve when it comes to making easy vegan recipes. This beetroot burger is perfect with the classics french fries, pickles, and catsup.

One thing I love about these beetroot burgers besides its flavor is its color.

If you have a crockpot, you can boil beets from the night before, with the advice that you pass on boil time beets can burn and this is going to change its flavor and color.

How do you know if my beets were overcooked? If their color is between white-yellow or light purple, yes, they are overcooked.

I am saying this for personal experiences, as advice, try to check them to avoid this.

For burger buns, I found a commercial brand at Walmart Mexico: egg, and milk free. If you decide you can make it on your own, but this will be a recipe for a part.

In this beetroot burger recipe, I substituted mayo with avocado, because avocado is my obsession and a little bit of avocado is always good with everything. Even with vegan burgers.

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