No bake vegan flan

Making vegan flan is possible with the help of agar, a vegetable substitute for gelatin. This recipe can be served on little containers for a better presentation.


1 hour





No bake vegan flan


Ready to be

In this occasion, I would like to share with you the oven- less flan. But first I would like to tell you the 3 things I enjoy the most of this dessert. 1. The elaboration is quite simple 2. Besides is very tasty the consistency is really good, 3. It’s very cheap because most o the ingredients we have them in the kitchen.

Most of you will be in sync with me that one of the ingredients most difficult but fascinating to find in our vegan kitchen is the Agar. In my first encounters with this product, I developed in the way a love-hate relationship (this last thing I read it sometime in a vegan blog about the use of Agar, and I agree with it)

In my own point of view, this is a key element in some dishes. But once you learn that the quantities must be respected just the way the indications say, the final result may be amazing! A few more or fewer grams can change totally the consistency of what we’re cooking. Until the day I keep on trying and experimenting, after all, that is the charm of cooking.

Like always I am very grateful with all our followers and their comment in our social media, and I also encourage you to share all of our dishes made with Agar. I can assure you that many of us we’ll be happy and grateful for knowing new recipes.

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