Spirulina smoothie

Spirulina smoothie

Spirulina smoothie

Make this green spirulina recipe, it is perfect with vegan breakfast for those days when you don’t have a lot of time but you really want to make something healthy

When I first heard about spirulina, it was in a documentary were UNESCO had declared green spirulina as a superfood and one of the foods for the future. The proposal is to make consumption of spirulina part of the daily food to avoid malnutrition in thousands of children and young people with limited resources around the world. I found it very interesting that a single ingredient could have so many positive things for humanity; for something, it is called a superfood.

Among the benefits attributed to it, it is cheap and easy to produce. With this, we can assume the enormous contribution that this ingredient brings to the body. Among proteins, vitamins, nutrient absorption improvements, etc. It is simply beautiful to know what the earth gives us with superfoods like this. In addition to being healthy, it is entirely organic. It is not as popular as other foods or superfoods, possibly because of its color, but it is within us to spread how good it is.

When I finally saw spirulina in person, I loved the pure color it has, the green-blue of this powder is one of those ingredients that she can’t avoid being a protagonist. Therefore, I consider it an element that does not accompany others. Although the taste of spirulina is not so noticeable, the color is. Instead, we could say that spirulina has only a small, almost invisible smell before drinking, but it doesn’t taste anything.

For my first recipe with spirulina seaweed, I decided to make a spirulina smoothie. Among all the positive things I had heard in the documentary, I thought it would be perfect for breakfast recipes. Imagine a way to start the day eating foods as nutritious as this. Of course, no matter how superfood, it will not be magical for our health if we don’t take care of ourselves with good health habits.

This spirulina smoothie is a perfect breakfast idea. I don’t like to recommend liquid foods for breakfast only, but you can accompany it with some solids to have a complete vegan breakfast. Remember that foods like fruits in the morning are perfect, but they make us hungry very soon. So I do not recommend that make this your only breakfast if your daily routine is heavy.

In my mix, I experimented with the color green and made this spirulina smoothie. You can play with things you have on hand, as long as the ingredients you incorporate can be dissolved entirely in a blender. Among the ingredients of my choice for this recipe were; Spinach, parsley, avocado, and banana, just enough with a spoonful of spirulina so that this smoothie will be full of its color. I used coconut milk as the base for mixing, but remember that you can use any vegetable milk of your choice. As always, we advise you to make your vegetable milk at home, to avoid artificial sweeteners, the garbage generated by the containers of food, and also because it is cheaper.

Of the most solid ingredients in this recipe for spirulina smoothie, parsley, and spinach, but when mixed, you realize that it has a high percentage of liquid and that undoing it in a blender or food processor is not that complicated. These are also excellent in fibers and nutrients, and also respect the theme of making the recipe completely green. Parsley is a very healthy ingredient, which I personally only take in orange juices. Still, for this spirulina smoothie recipe, I loved the idea of 鈥嬧媝utting it because it is green and because the amount I added was minimal. Spinach melts quickly, so for this, you don’t need for a potent processor.

 The avocado gives a thick texture to the spirulina smoothie, as it is little and is not an ingredient of very noticeable flavor, nor is it noticeable at the time it is already mixed.

To give a sweet touch to our spirulina smoothie, I used banana, which in flavor is perfect for this recipe. I decided not to use sweeteners such as date honey or stevia so that the banana was the only sweet. Still, one of my favorites, forever peanut butter, you can also incorporate it into the recipe to make it more child-friendly.

Although the spirulina smoothie recipe has only one tablespoon of spirulina, it is more than enough for this powder to show up with that intense green. I do not recommend using more because it is difficult to mix with liquids.

You can get spirulina in health food stores, as it is not quite popular, it was not so easy for me to get it in self-service stores or shopping centers. I recommend that you buy little in what you try because if it gets wet, it creates fungus easily, well covered and dried can last a long time in your kitchen.

Wanting to share this recipe of spirulina smoothie with my relatives, I was not entirely successful. Since the color seemed strange and they had their ideas about this recipe. Anyway, I couldn’t get it tested. As much as I tried to convince them about the benefits, I already mentioned. Undoubtedly, we will know more about this ingredient in the coming years. Surely its benefits will be gradually known. I can’t wait to prepare more recipes with spirulina seaweed.


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