Tapioca pudding vegan

Try this delicious dessert made with tapioca and mango. Easy to make and perfect for vegans or lactose intolerant.


30 min





Tapioca pudding vegan


Mango Preparation:


In relation to the cinnamon use for this recipe, I always recommend that the cinnamon is in a whole piece and not in a powder form, the taste will be great but the color of the desert will change.

Pour the dessert on molds and put them in the fridge at least for an hour. Wait for the mango to cool down before decorating with it. I chose to used grated coconut


Ready to be

Hello to everyone. On this day I would like to share with you, tapioca dessert recipe; in Mexico, the extracted starch of the Yucca (Tiny white pearls) are known as tapioca, and their look changes when it gets hydrated, then you boil it leaving it with a jelly consistency.

This dessert besides being delicious it’s very easy to prepare, and it’s also very cheap because most of the ingredients are very common in our kitchen. I hope you like it.

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