Vegan nogada chiles

Traditional Mexican recipe for chiles en nogada (Chillies in walnut sauce) in a vegan version. This dish is commonly consumed in September for the celebration of Mexico Independence.


2 hours





Vegan nogada chiles

Preparation of chilies:

Preparation of picadillo:

Nogada Preparation:


Ready to be

I’ve known several stories about how the “chiles en nogada” recipe was born, but the version I’ve heard the most takes place in the XIX Century when Agustin de Iturbide, after the triumph of the Insurgents came with his army to the city of Puebla (Mexico). The stories tell that was during the celebration receiving the military that in the dishes they were serving, the chiles en nogada were there.

One of the main challenges I’ve dealt with at the time of the preparation of the dish is the vegan version, it’s not only to have a nice colorful and Mexican patriotic presentation, but it’s also offering a gif to the most demanding palate. I hope you enjoy it, as much as I do.

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